Privacy Policy

1 Collection & Consent

Farmz Asia is committed to protecting your privacy. This data protection and privacy policy sets out how we use and protect the information you give us through this form.

To serve you better, you are aware and agreeable that we may send you information, value and promotions when you:

Register with this form, website or landing pages

You have the full rights to opt out of the notification list anytime via email. Farmz Asia will not be sharing or giving your information to other companies.

Storage Security & Data Protection

Farmz Asia has put in place technology and standards to protect stored and transmitted personal information you give us. This includes strict security standards. However, while we are committed to protecting your personal data, we do not guarantee unauthorised or accidental access to such data.

Information Collected

This form does not automatically gather personal information that can identify you. Any personal information we receive must come from you, for instance when you fill up this form during the course of registration.

Your Consent

By giving us your personal information, you are giving us consent to collect, use and disclose your personal information under the terms of this policy and any relevant privacy and data protection laws in Singapore and Malaysia. If you do not wish to give us this consent, then please do not fill up this form or any forms on our website.

Use and Disclosure of Personal Data and Purpose Specification

Farmz Asia will keep confidential all personal information collected through this form, landing pages and websites. We may however disclose such information to the following parties in the course of using the information for the reason it was collected:

  • Subsidiaries, holding companies, associated companies or affiliates of Farmz Asia;
  • Companies solely or jointly-controlled by Farmz Asia;
  • A person or company acting on behalf of Farmz Asia;

We will also disclose your personal data to government authorities if we are forced to by law. We may also disclose your personal information to anyone else that has a right to it under Singapore or Malaysian law so long as they can prove they have the authority to do.

Data Retention

We will keep any personal information you give us as long as there is a reason to do so, for instance to satisfy the law or regulations, or to protect our interests. If not, then we will destroy it by purging it from our electronic, manual, and other filing systems according to our internal procedures and schedules.

Changes to this Policy

Farmz Asia has the right to change this policy at any time. We will announce any changes on this page. This policy is not a contract, nor does it suggest any obligation on our part with another party.

1.2 Unless permitted by applicable laws, we will not collect Personal Data without your consent.

1.3 You warrant and represent to us that

(a) Personal Data which you disclose to us is accurate and complete;
(b) where you volunteer Personal Data of another person to us, that you are authorized by such other person to disclose such Personal Data to us, and that such Personal Data is accurate and complete.

1.4 You shall consult your parent or guardian before giving us your Personal Data if you are under the age of eighteen.